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Cytotec For Sale, which is also known as Cytolog comprises Misoprostol to abort pregnancy within a period of 12 weeks. AgoraDrugstore says, you should exert this drug orally and vaginally to terminate an uninvited pregnancy.Generic name : Misoprostol Brand : Cytotec Strength : 200 mg GTIN : 12496131004065 Manufacturer: Pfizer Dosage prescription : The Cytolog effectively leads to terminate the pregnancy within the duration of 8th-12th weeks of the process, it ought to be taken orally without crushing or breaking, 3 times in day by upholding 3 hours gap or as directed; whereas, for vaginal process, the pills needs to be taken after sustaining 6, 12 or 24 hours gap. The pill needs to be practiced vaginally and orally, consequently to lay off the fetus. It acts effectively to inhibit the pregnancy development. Prevention :Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Brand bottles to Order cough syrupSide-effects: Vomiting, giddiness, nausea, head ache, body pain, weakness, see moreā€¦Storage: Place it in the room temperature below 28 degree Celsius.